A Guide to Jewelry Plating Techniques

As jewelry lovers, we know the allure of a dazzling piece: its gleam catching the light, its texture dancing against our skin. But beneath the shimmering surface lies a world of science and art - the world of jewelry plating. At LOOPE COLLECTIVE, we're not just passionate about design, we're dedicated to using the most exquisite and responsible techniques. That's why we're bringing you this in-depth guide to popular plating options, exploring their pros and cons to help you understand the beauty behind the shine.

PVD Plating (Physical Vapor Deposition)

This high-tech process uses a vacuum chamber to vaporize metal and deposit it onto your jewelry. Think delicate alchemy.


  • Super durable: PVD boasts the highest scratch and wear resistance, making it ideal for everyday wear.
  • Vibrant colors: Achieve bold hues not possible with traditional methods, and enjoy long-lasting color consistency.
  • Hypoallergenic: Free of nickel and other common allergens, perfect for sensitive skin.


  • Higher cost: PVD's cutting-edge tech comes at a premium price point.

  • Limited base metals: Works best with specific metals like titanium, making it less versatile.

IPG Plating (Ion Plating with Gold)

This electroplating technique uses gold ions to create a luxurious, high-quality gold finish.


  • Affordability: Compared to solid gold, IPG offers a budget-friendly way to enjoy the look and feel of real gold.
  • Versatility: Works well with most base metals, expanding your design possibilities.
  • Beautiful finish: Delivers a rich, warm gold tone that enhances any design.


  • Durability: While durable, IPG is not as scratch-resistant as PVD and may wear over time.

  • Potential allergies: Some forms of IPG might contain trace amounts of nickel, a concern for sensitive individuals.

Rhodium Plating:

This classic plating choice uses rhodium, a platinum-family metal, to enhance silver jewelry.


  • Tarnish-resistant: Rhodium shields silver from oxidation, keeping your piece bright and beautiful for longer.
  • Sparkling shine: Adds a brilliant white luster, enhancing the inherent beauty of silver.
  • Affordable: A cost-effective way to elevate the look and feel of silver jewelry.


  • Regular replating: Rhodium wears over time, requiring occasional reapplication.
  • Not durable: Can scratch or chip, especially on delicate pieces.

Beyond the Big Three:

Our dedication to exploration extends beyond these popular choices. We utilize other plating techniques like black rhodium for sophisticated edge, rose gold for a touch of romance, and vintage-inspired oxidized finishes for a unique aesthetic.


At LOOPE COLLECTIVE, we believe in responsible sourcing and ethical practices. We prioritize utilizing high-quality, durable plating that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing your jewelry's lifespan. Additionally, we prioritize hypoallergenic choices to ensure everyone can enjoy the joy of adornment.