LOOPE COLLECTIVE Lifetime Warranty

At LOOPE COLLECTIVE, we stand behind the enduring quality of our jewelry. Our Lifetime Warranty underlines our commitment to you, covering all of our jewelry products. We believe in the longevity of our items, and we promise a no-questions-asked replacement if you face any issues with our products.

What’s Covered:

  • Tarnishing or Fading: If your jewelry loses its luster or shows signs of tarnishing, we'll replace it.
  • Breakage: Should your item break under normal wear, we're on it — you'll get a replacement.
  • Wear and Tear: Even if it's a scratched pendant or clasp, we've got you covered with a replacement.

To claim your replacement, simply send a photograph of the affected item to our customer support team at info@loopecollective.com, along with your original order number. We'll take care of the rest, ensuring you have a flawless piece or LOOPE COLLECTIVE store credit to choose another cherished item from our collection.

There's absolutely no hassle, no judgment — just our unwavering support.

Please Note:

  • Our Lifetime Warranty is straightforward: it covers the scenarios we assure won't happen. Loss, theft, intentional damage, or damage resulting from a third-party are outside the scope of this warranty.
  • A photograph is required to substantiate your claim. Without visual proof of the defect or fault, the warranty cannot be applied.
  • At LOOPE COLLECTIVE, we operate under a fair use policy. This means we reserve the right to decline warranty claims if we find evidence of policy abuse.

Rest assured, with LOOPE COLLECTIVE, you are not just purchasing a piece of jewelry; you are investing in a lifetime of quality and care.